A look at virtual learning as more and more of Northeast Wisconsin’s schools make the switch

Originally aired on WFRV-TV – July 27, 2020

As the start of the school year approaches, and schools begin to release tentative plans for the upcoming school year in light of the coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty hangs in the air.

“Families and schools have been struggling, it’s a hard time for everyone,” Fadia Afaneh, Head of School for Wisconsin Virtual Academy told Local 5.

That hard time started in March, when schools statewide closed.

Schools finished out the school year online.

For the Wisconsin Virtual Academy, an online charter school, day to day operations didn’t change.

“We didn’t become virtual because of COVID, this is what we do,” Afaneh said.

Now, as uncertainty surrounds the upcoming school year, the school is seeing record numbers.

“We are enrolling students right now, and our projected numbers do show that we will be seeing more students with us next year than we’ve ever experienced before,” Afaneh said.

The Ashwaubenon Public School District has been the latest district in Northeast Wisconsin to release a plan for the upcoming school year that integrates in-person with online learning.

“We will have Ashwaubenon staff monitoring those classes and providing students feedback and assessments on where they’re at,” Kurt Weyers, Superintendent of the district said.

Even with teachers monitoring those online classes, it’s a good idea for parents to check in.

“It’s important that students see that they’re being held accountable through their teacher online but also that their parent is aware of what’s expected,” Afaneh said.

As students adjust to either part or full time online learning, taking breaks is also important.

“It’s okay for them to walk away for a little bit,” Afaneh said. “It’s actually probably a good thing.”

To learn more about Wisconsin Virtual Academy visit https://wiva.k12.com/

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