Are Schools Prepared for Virtual Learning?

Originally aired on HLN – March 16, 2020

A principal from an actual virtual academy says it’s going to take some work, but it can get done. Katie Poindexter, from Virginia Virtual Academy powered by K12, is sharing some tips on how parents can help ensure that their student’s education doesn’t stop simply because they’re not going to a brick and mortar school. 

Most of us have already seen parents and friends saying that they’re only just a few days into helping their kids learn from home and, already, it’s a disaster. 

What many parents may not realize is that there are tools and tips that they can employ to help their children succeed. Katie shares a few of her favorites below: 

What are the best ways parents can help their students learn virtually?

Katie says that the best advice she can give a parent is to set a schedule and stick to it. Students thrive on a schedule. This is not a snow day and it’s important for students to realize that they have a routine that they need to stick to. 

Second, a designated workspace is really important. Having a place in the house that is free from distractions is important to ensuring that your child stays focused on the schoolwork at hand. Getting set up in your workspace is important. If you are going to be utilizing K12 or another online provider, you’re going to need a laptop, or a PC computer with internet, because most of these sites that are offering the free membership, you are going to need internet access. 

Third, parents should take advantage of the many educational tools that are available. So many educational companies right now are offering free services. Scholastic, BrainPOP, Discovery Education are all offering free memberships right now, so use those to your advantage. is also a great resource. We have a Learning Liftoff site with lots of different resources for parents to use. 

K12 also has public school options that are tuition-free, state to state. So use all those free resources.

Above all else, however, Katie says that the best thing to do as parents is to try to engage with your students. These next few weeks present a great opportunity to make some memories and to connect. She suggests doing things with your family like baking, reading, painting, building and more. Don’t make it all workbooks and schedules, make it interactive.

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