As some NEPA districts return to virtual learning, some tips from an expert

Originally aired ABC Scranton – October 27, 2020

As the fall goes on, and COVID-19 case numbers spike in some places, some school districts are going back to all virtual learning.

Experts call this is an important time to remind people about what they need to do to be successful with virtual learning.

For parents, they said it is all about networking.

“As a parent, you need to build that network at your school with other parents that you can go to and you can talk to and you can decompress with and compare notes and get ideas from,” said Eileen Cannistraci, CEO of Insight PA Cyber Charter School.

Education experts said there is still a lot to keep in mind to keep this year successful.

If students are learning from home, they need to keep good routines all school year.

“You want to make sure you have a set time your students wake up each day that they get up, they get dressed, they have breakfast, I think it really helps with their mindset that this is time for school because I think that’s really hard when you’re at home.”

As for teachers, whether they are teaching in-person, virtually or both at the same time experts remind them to have patience with themselves.

“You can feel overwhelming but really it will be ok. Even the most experienced teachers have bad days, I remember as a teacher going back to my lesson plan at the end of the day and saying, ok tomorrow will be a do-over.”

Cannistraci said above all, the key this year is communication: teachers, students and parents all need to talk to one another about this school year, what may be working, what is not, and how the changes are affecting everyone.

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