AZVA Parent on School Choice

Originally published by The Arizona Daily Star – March 24, 2021

Every school is different. With virtual options more accessible, we need to understand that there’s a difference between emergency online learning and the school programs designed to be virtual from day one.

That’s why I chose to enroll both my kids at Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) long before the pandemic. This is a school with a curriculum meant for online learning and years of experience.

My son transferred to AZVA because he struggled with anxiety induced migraines, among other distractions in a traditional school setting. Within a week of making the change, his stress levels came down dramatically and the weekly migraines began to disappear.

Now he has more time to pursue his passion for art and discover his talents while balancing his classes in a learning environment that meets his needs.

Virtual schools deserve a chance. Let’s make sure every family has the right to choose a school that meets their needs.

Melissa Hochrine

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