Bloomington Figure Skater Wren Warne-Jacobsen, 16, Has Olympics In Her Sights

Originally aired on WCCO-TV – November 8, 2019

Bloomington figure skater Wren Warne-Jacobsen is chasing her Olympic dreams one step at a time.

Figure skating is about expression.

“It feels amazing. It feels like I can take whatever I’m feeling and put it out there,” Warne-Jacobsen said. “It’s the most amazing feeling ever.”

Her career is on the rise. She is a six-time Minnesota State Champion and two-time National competitor — and she’s not content.

“More experience. I feel like I’m a lot stronger technically this year. This has been a bit of a bumpy road this year as well,” Warne-Jacobsen said. “I battled injuries, but now I feel like I’m back a lot stronger, and I think I can improve my placement.”

At age 16, her goals are high.

“I’m on Team D, which is the development team in U.S. Figure Skating. That’s kind of the team that’s not quite at the level to compete internationally, but almost there, and I’m hoping to jump up into the next level to compete internationally,” Warne-Jacobsen said.

She has a road map for her future in place.

“Within a few weeks of her coming here to our program, we were at a competition in Chicago where she was actually able to qualify for this … sectional competition coming up,” said coach Lorie Charbonneau. “I think the biggest thing is to sit down and have a plan, and to make sure you’re both on the same page and make sure that, you know, and in this case Wren, of course, came already with those big aspirations.”

Warne-Jacobsen’s dedication to her sport also extends to other parts of life. She does want to be the best she can be in classroom, and working toward a future to help change the world.

“Also my goal for figure skating is to compete at the Olympics,” she said. “Beyond that, academically I’d like to go to law school and run for political office.”

She’s committed to this, making her school life work around her training

“And that’s why it’s important for a skater like Wren, going to Minnesota Virtual Academy really makes a big difference in her day because she is able to take the time to train, do her school work and then have some down time,” Charbonneau said.

Finding balance while pursuing excellence — that’s the way to be.

“I love learning, especially social studies, and I just think both school and skating complement each other so well,” Warne-Jacobsen said. “I wouldn’t be as good a skater as I am without the discipline of online school, and I wouldn’t be strong academically without the work ethic … through skating.”

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