Bullied teen finds new hope in roller derby

Originally aired on KABB-TV – February 4, 2020

Brenna Schrade doesn’t quite know where her life will lead. It’s okay, she’s only 16.

But she does know the value of a good pair of skates.

“Absolutely I do,” said Brenna.

And how much those skates changed the life of this once bullied kid.

“At one point one girl tripped me and made me drop my lunch,” she said. “And I was like, wow. That was my food!”

The bullies crushed her spirit.

“And I really like school, it’s fun. But when it gets to the point you no longer want to go to school, it’s not good,” said Brenna.

Her mom pulled her from school and enrolled her in TOPS, Texas Online Preparatory School.

“It’s public school, but it’s on the computer,” said Brenna.

School from home now, Brenna needed to get out of the house more.

That’s when she found skating.

More specifically, roller derby.

She even got a cool new name.

“My name for roller derby is Pyretta Blaze,” she said.

But Brenna found more than a name, she found a sport that challenged her to be better.

She found friends who accepted her for who she was, and perhaps most importantly, she learned it’s okay to be who your are.

“Yes. Like, I’m not wearing black eye liner, I’m wearing blue eye liner, because why not.,” said Brenna. “It makes me more confident to put different colors in my hair.”

Once a victim, now a self-confident young woman with a message to her bullies.

“No, I’m not stupid. I don’t care what you think,” she said.

All thanks to a pair of skates.

To learn more about Texas Online Preparatory School, visit https://tops.k12.com/

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