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School choice is important

Originally published in the Park Record – February 24, 2021 Prior to the pandemic, school choice wasn’t something I gave much thought. My two kids went to our local brick-and-mortar school. But once COVID-19 started to become a larger issue and our school system abruptly transitioned to be completely online, I searched for options that […]

Why COVID could fuel a surge in funding for Indiana virtual schools

Originally published by Chalkbeat Indiana – February 16, 2021 A year into a pandemic that has forced more than 350,000 Hoosier students to learn remotely, Indiana House lawmakers have proposed full funding for schools that provide virtual education — including online-only schools that have long received lower allocations. Nearly 18,000 students now attend dedicated virtual […]

San Antonio teacher gets creative with social media teaching kids online

Originally aired by Fox 29 – February 2, 2021 Not everyone loves their job. Sarah Kagenski is one of those exceptions. “It’s absolutely the right choice for me,” she said. Which is why trading in her old classroom so she could teach online wasn’t hard. She was just happy to still be teaching kids math. […]

WIVA Parent: Protect school choice to preserve options for families

Originally published in The Cap Times – February 6, 2021 I knew early on that I would choose an online school for my daughter Gabriella. I want to have full visibility over her learning environment and be actively involved with her education. Thanks to school choice in Wisconsin, I enrolled her in Wisconsin Virtual Academy […]

Letter: Graduation rates don’t tell full story

Originally published in The Oregonian – February 5, 2021 The Jan. 21 article on graduation rates is another example of how the success of schools should not be measured solely on four-year graduation rates, especially for schools that serve at-risk students (“Oregon graduation rate climbs to 83%, a new high, but schools may have lowered the […]

Online-based schools tackle pandemic differently

Originally aired on WBND-TV – February 2, 2020 As schools continue to run during this pandemic, there is an emphasis on virtual schooling we haven’t seen before. Now you’d think that a school-based solely online wouldn’t be as affected by the pandemic. Well, that’s far from the truth. After nearly a year, kids have had […]

TOPS Teacher: Embrace School Choice

Originally published in The Dallas Morning News – January 31, 2020 Every student has a unique set of needs. It’s time we shift our educational approach to reflect this. Rather than requiring students to conform to a mold their school dictates, we should adapt our services to the individual requirements of each student. As a […]

CAVA Teacher: School Choice More Important Now Than Ever

Originally published by The San Francisco Chronicle – January 26, 2021 If education is choosing our path of knowledge, then every student should have the ability to choose where they want to learn. As a teacher who has worked in a variety of school districts, and now online at California Virtual Academies, I’ve seen firsthand […]

IDVA Counselor: Protect school choice

Originally published in The Idaho Press – January 23, 2021 As a school counselor at Idaho Virtual Academy, I have a unique opportunity to serve and advocate for students statewide. I work with students who are attending this online school because they have chosen to be here, not because it happens to be assigned within […]

Pandemic brings increased demand for online learning, could it be here to stay?

Originally aired on KCRG-TV – January 22, 2021 Iowa’s first online school says its enrollment exploded during the Pandemic, could it be a sign online learning is here to stay? As schools across the state navigate virtual learning during the pandemic, Iowa Virtual Academy has been doing it for 9 years. Now, other districts are […]