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Letter: A blessing in disguise

Originally published in the Casper Star Tribune – March 28, 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the larger perception of the effectiveness of online learning. It’s a blessing in disguise to see that going through such a challenging time has actually broadened the spectrum and provided an opportunity to reconsider our approach to education. Long […]

OVCA Learning Pod Provides Unique Class Opportunity

Originally published by KFDX-TV – March 21, 2021 Lawton Christian School closed its high school last year due to COVID precautions and shrinking enrollment. This left students like 9th grader Shekinah Weary without a Christian high school to attend, but officials with Trinity Christian Academy in Lawton, which also doesn’t have a high school, had […]

“Kind is the New Cool” | Waco boy makes t-shirts to fight against bullying

Originally published by Kcent-TV – March 12, 2021 All of the proceeds from the t-Shirt sales will go to the Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Society. After he was constantly bullied at school, a boy from Waco decided to take the high road and make “Kind is the New Cool” t-shirts to show his bullies […]

ISOK Launches Night School to Help Students Work Towards Graduation

Originally aired to FOX Oklahoma City – March 10, 2021 Insight School of Oklahoma teacher Jennifer Wilkinson shares with FOX Oklahoma City how high school students can work towards graduation while working demanding part-time jobs. ISOK has launched a night class program from 6-8 PM, 7 days a week, that can provide another option for […]

Why online school?

Originally published in Westside Seattle – March 17, 2021 By Hannah Baisch Undoubtedly, this has been a school year unlike any we have ever seen. Students and families were forced to make tough decisions about their child’s education and had to rapidly navigate a slew of online options. Many families decided to go with long-standing virtual […]

Could online schools be the future of education?

Originally published by KSAT.com – February 26, 2021 Is online learning the future of education? While it may not have worked for some families during the COVID-19 pandemic, others say it brought flexibility to their schedules and a sense of safety for their children. In Texas, there’s already a handful of public online schools that […]

MOVA Teacher Travels 200 Miles to Donate Plasma to Student

Originally published by CBS St. Louis – March 12, 2021 A Jefferson County teacher has been traveling for miles to help her young student get the best chance of a successful transplant.  Brittany Perschbacher tested positive for COVID-19 in November after losing her grandpa earlier in the year from complications by the coronavirus. Because she […]

Central Ohio families provide temporary housing for children with parents in crisis

Originally aired on WCMH-TV – February 26, 2021 Whether it’s losing a job, or even a home, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes mean separation for parents from their children. Those moments of crisis are why Central Ohio members of one organization are opening their homes to children, whether they last a weekend or a year. “Once […]

School choice is important

Originally published in the Park Record – February 24, 2021 Prior to the pandemic, school choice wasn’t something I gave much thought. My two kids went to our local brick-and-mortar school. But once COVID-19 started to become a larger issue and our school system abruptly transitioned to be completely online, I searched for options that […]