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Virtual schools experience increased enrollment

Originally aired on KERO-TV – September 9, 2020 After two weeks, even virtual learning schools such as California Virtual Academies are feeling the pressure this school year. California Virtual Academies is now on their nineteenth year of instruction and say this is the first year they’ve had to cap enrollment due to high demand. “We’ve […]

Augusta-based charter school marks five years of virtual-only learning

Originally published in the Kennebec Journal – September 6, 2020 While many public schools got their first taste of online teaching in March, when the coronavirus pandemic forced students to learn from home for the rest of the academic year, one Augusta-based school is marking its fifth year of full virtual education. The Maine Virtual […]

Keeping kids healthy and focused while online learning

Originally aired on KGW-TV – September 7, 2020 It’s going to be a long road ahead for kids and families trying to figure out distance learning. A parent recently e-mailed KGW asking for some best practices when it comes to making sure kids stay healthy and focused while they’re learning at their computers all day. […]

COVID-19 Fuels Big Enrollment Increases in Virtual Schools

Originally published by EdWeek – September 3, 2020 The numbers are striking and consistent: Online learning providers are seeing a boom in enrollment as parents seek an alternative to chaotic remote school experiences this spring. Florida Virtual School’s enrollment is up 54 percent year over year for its individual online course offerings and 64 percent […]

Covid-19 forces changes in educational choices

Originally published by The Lexington County Chronicle – August 11, 2020 Covid-19 has forever changed the concept of school choice.  Uncertainty surrounds the 2020-2021 Lexington County school year. New state and CDC guidelines have caused parents to find alternatives to educate their children. Working parents seek creative solutions to keep their children safe while they […]

Online curriculums emerge as viable education alternative amid COVID-19

Originally published in The Lusk Herald – September 1, 2020 When COVID-19 forced school districts around the state to make the hasty and oftentimes clumsy shift to online learning in March, Wyoming Virtual Academy was already there.  The statewide education program runs out of an unlikely headquarters: a two-story structure in small-town Lusk, identified only […]

What online classrooms look like when they’re designed to be virtual

Originally aired on News Center Maine – September 1, 2020 There’s a lot of apprehension heading into this school year; parents and teachers alike concerned about online classes. There’s a school in Maine, though, that has been running courses online for five years now; and while it continues to learn and grow each year, school […]

Many families pivoting to online learning this fall

Originally aired on Q13 FOX Seattle – August 31, 2020 More families are choosing well-established online schools over their designated school districts heading into the fall. As the summer days tick away, Carter Anderson is taking advantage of every drop before it’s over. Carter’s mom Dana is having fun close by watching her son wakeboarding. […]

Is Virtual Learning Best From An Actual Classroom? Experts Question State Recommendation

Originally published to WBUR’s Edify – August 27, 2020 Across Massachusetts, many educators are bridling at the “recommendation” of state officials that they enter classrooms this fall, even if they are teaching entirely remotely. Some online-learning experts have raised a series of concerns about the guidance, arguing that it asks teachers to incur health risks […]