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Tallo partner SC Codes offers programming course to all South Carolinians

Originally aired on WTAT – July 20, 2020 SC Codes Executive Director Lelia King discussed with Fox 24 Charleston how coding is so instrumental to every company. She exclaimed that “every company is a coding company” and that SC Codes offers free coding courses to prepare South Carolinians for their careers in any industry. SC […]

Job Shadow Week for MN Students

Originally aired on KDLM-AM – July 9, 2020 Tallo Education Coordinator Emily Todd discussed Tallo and Minnesota Job Shadow Week in an interview with KDLM-AM Radio. During Job Shadow Week next week, Minnesota students will participate in live chats with professionals. “This is a chance to really be exposed to work-based learning experiences and to […]

STEM student, community volunteer, and business owner

Originally published by the Fairfax County Times– June 19-21 By Lydia Antonio-Vila FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES As an “Army Brat,” Autumn Booker has lived all over the world, becoming involved in several community service projects, getting recognized by Boeing for her dedication to the STEM field, and starting her own business – but the recent high […]

One million nurses will retire by 2030. We need to prepare for it

Originally published by The Washington Examiner– May 28, 2020 Healthcare professionals across the globe have emerged as the true heroes of the COVID-19 crisis. Through a mission of care and compassion, they deliver urgent medical support for those battling the disease. Their value to the improvement of health outcomes has been well documented. But it, […]

Helping Our Students Means Breaking Down Workforce Barriers

Originally published in TLNT – May 8, 2020 When it comes to preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s careers, everyone knows and talks about the skills gap. What fewer people talk about is one of the most important ways to close it – making the workforce more accessible to high school students. The two go hand […]

Company Recruiting During the Coronavirus Outbreak: Top 5 Ways to Keep Recruiting And Stay Healthy in the Wake of COVID-19

Originally published by Tallo – March 12, 2020 As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, we’re feeling the impact in our day-to-day professional lives. As Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases stated, “Schools could be closed, mass public gatherings suspended and businesses forced to have employees […]

Career readiness programs invaluable addition

Originally aired on KHOW-AM – February 20, 2020 Destinations Career Academy of Colorado Head of School Teri Cady joined ‘The Troubleshooter’ on KHOW-AM to discuss the school’s career readiness programs. Teri shared how career readiness education can be an invaluable addition to students learning. Listen to her interview to learn more. To learn more about […]

It’s Critical That All Students Have a Highlight Reel, Not Just Student Athletes

Originally published in TecHR Series – February 27, 2020 Largely because he could kick a ball far distances, a high schooler from small-town Pennsylvania was able to catch the eye of Purdue University. He got in, earned a scholarship as a kicker on the football team, and eventually graduated with a bachelor’s and a master’s […]

Career readiness classes are beneficial to education

Originally published in The Post Register – February 19, 2020 Like many of my peers, the looming shadow of potential student loans overwhelms me. I refuse to graduate from college with a weight of debt on my shoulders. That’s why I’m interested in getting a head start and exploring future career options without adding additional […]

Virtual FFA club opens in Wabash County

Originally published in The Paper of Wabash – February 18, 2020 With today’s technology, many things are readily available online. One can shop, play games, visit with family members far away and more. As of last fall, students at the Indiana Digital Learning School can belong to a virtual FFA chapter based in Wabash County.  […]