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OHVA alum, and now teacher explains why school choice works

Originally published by Toledo Blade – October 30, 2020 Everyone deserves the ability to choose a better life for themselves. I believe this starts with education. When we’re young, we don’t realize which decisions will impact the rest of our lives. For me, it was choosing to leave a school where I was bullied and […]

Letter: Options to being bullied

Originally published in the Monterey Herald – October 20, 2021 Bullying should have no place in schools, but far too often we see it taking a front-row seat in our classrooms. I remember being bullied in my local school, and my parents started noticing the impacts it was having on me. My parents discovered California Virtual Academies […]

Letter: Online school is a valuable alternative

Originally published in the Post Register – September 20, 2020 Students shouldn’t feel held back by their school. Every student has unique needs that aren’t always met by a one-size-fits-all environment. And this is true for many students across Idaho. As a student, I remember the feeling of independence and complete control I had over […]

Letter: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Originally published in The Arizona Daily Star – August 28, 2020 I want to reassure families online school is a solution that works. Not long ago, I was searching for an option that allowed more freedom in where and when I could do my school. My extracurricular activities schedule became increasingly difficult to manage while […]

LETTER: Try online learning

Originally published in Westside Seattle – August 17, 2020 To the editor: I’m the type of student that goes after a challenge. School is something I take seriously, and I believe education should be an area where we push students to excel. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive that push and drive at my previous brick-and-mortar school. […]

Online school still provides a good education

Originally published in The News-Review – August 16, 2020 School as we know it has changed. But this isn’t something we should fear. It’s time we embrace the future of education. Online learning works and is nothing new. Take it from me, an online school alumnus who graduated from Oregon Virtual Academy. Online learning helped […]

Online learning gets endorsed

Originally published in The Acorn – August 13, 2020 Online school might not work for everyone, but for some it’s the perfect solution. I’m one of those students. As a student, I felt like my educational goals weren’t being met. There was a lack of class choices, and I often felt the typical pressures of […]

Sharon Jones: Online school helped me achieve my goals

Originally published in The Cap Times – August 13, 2020 Dear Editor: With back to school right around the corner, there’s no doubt that parents are already in the process of deciding whether or not to send their kids back to an in-person learning environment. Although I wasn’t in school during a global pandemic, I […]

Reader supports online learning

Originally published in Lodi News-Sentinel – August 4, 2020 Editor: With a new school year quickly approaching, we’re still surrounded by fear and uncertainty. Many schools have chosen to move either partially or fully online for the fall, and that has left many families worried they will struggle with the transition to online learning. However, […]

Letter: What Matters is that Students are Learning

Originally published in Arizona Daily Star – August 4, 2020 With schools set to start soon many parents are wondering whether in-person classes are safe or online classes are effective. I know firsthand the difficulties this past spring held. I was finishing up my student teaching and halfway through the semester we went virtual. However, […]