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This Virginia teen creates stop motion films to combat bullying

Originally aired by CBS Washington, DC – October 19, 2020 October has been deemed National Bullying Prevention Month. Every day young people face the challenges of dealing with bullies. One Virginia student is using video making to overcome after she said she was bullied for years while attending brick and mortar schools. It’s through the […]

Hoosier Academies student tells her story of overcoming bullying

Originally aired on ABC Indianapolis – October 21, 2020 October is Bullying Prevention Month, and a young girl is telling her story in hopes it doesn’t happen to others. Bullying can come in many forms — physical, name-calling, being threatened — and for Bella Lazarides, bullying came in the form of exclusion. “It’s not normal […]

Letter: Balancing school and life

Originally published in The Elko Daily Free Press – October 16, 2020 These days, it’s easy to feel that the odds are stacked against you. Our community has changed so much in the past few months, and it’s undeniable that many of us are unsure how to move forward. This is exactly how I felt […]

Letter to the Editor: Supports choice for online school

Originally published by Sunnyside Sun – October 14, 2020 The traditional brick and mortar classroom doesn’t meet every student’s needs. It’s impossible for one style of education to accomplish that. It’s time we stop forcing students to conform to a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to school. That’s why we need to give everyone a […]

A male cheerleader speaks out cheering for change in Michigan

Originally aired on ABC Detroit – October 9, 2020 It’s a team sport where there is no backup or second string. They are motivators, crowd-pleasers, and entertainers. Our Andrea Isom went to Elite Cheer Michigan in Chesterfield Township and you are about to meet a cheerleader who is looking for some major change. To learn more about […]

Protect school choice for students

Originally published by The Spokesman-Review – September 26, 2020 We must give students the room they need to grow and explore their passions. We can’t put everyone on a one-size-fits-all path in a world where that is anything but true. To embrace this idea, we need to show students the many options available to them […]

Let’s End the Re-Opening Debate: Online School Works

Originally published by Medium – September 24, 2020 As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise across Florida, the debate on reopening schools for in-person learning is still going on. My question is: Why aren’t we working towards an online model that will be successful for both students and teachers? School districts should be […]

What I — and 120,000 Other Students — Already Know about Online School

By: Alexandria Cooper Unlike many of my peers who navigated online learning for the first time this past spring, I recently graduated from online public high school that I attended for four years. When someone first learns that I attended public school at home, they initially assume either 1. I haven’t attended “real” school; 2. […]

Letter to the editor: Online schools are a good COVID alternative

Originally published by Portland Press Herald – September 13, 2020 No one should have to choose between their education and health. As a young woman with heart problems and two autoimmune diseases, navigating high school was a challenge. Because I was frequently in the hospital, my grades began to drop. When my brick-and-mortar school said […]