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Letter to the Editor: We need to protect school choice

Originally published in The Portland Press Herald – November 29, 2020 We don’t choose where we’re born, and in most cases, we don’t choose where we grow up. For so many, these factors determine where we go to school and how we learn. This has a big impact on our futures. With all of that […]

Why virtual learning works for this VAVA family

Originally aired on CBS Richmond – November 18, 2020 Several school districts continued to debate whether to send students back into the classroom versus maintaining virtual learning. One Henrico County family solidified their decision before the COVID-19 pandemic even started. For years, 13-year-old Trenell Milana fell behind while his classmates succeeded. “Trenell was being left […]

TOPS Student Creates YouTube Channel to Help Peers with Virtual Learning

Originally aired on FOX Houston – November 13, 2020 Texas Online Preparatory School (TOPS) student Steven Morris has started his own Youtube channel to offer online learning advice to his peers. In an interview with FOX Houston, Morris said he created the channel shortly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I remember how lost […]

ALVA Student Turns to Dance After Bullying

Originally aired on WVTM-TV – October 31, 2020 October is Bullying Prevention Month, if you didn’t know it, a time to focus and raise awareness on bullying. Dorothy Brooks has overcome bullying at her school and turned that really tough time and energy invested in building her own talents as a world champion dancer. WVTM […]

Virtual learning is a good fit for our family

Originally published by The Columbus Dispatch – November 2, 2020 The sudden transition from in-person learning to online school across the country hasn’t been seamless for everyone. That’s why families deserve to have options for their children’s education. That’s why we need to protect school choice.    As the mother of three daughters who have been […]

More families should consider online education

Originally published by The Everett Herald – November 1, 2020 Everyone should feel free to follow their passions. School should be something that enables you to do this rather than holding you back. When it starts to get in the way, change must happen. That’s why we need to give students the choice to attend […]

Letter: Online school success

Originally published in Anchorage Daily News – October 23, 2020 Many people go through personal situations that affect their ability to focus in school. During my junior year, I got pregnant and didn’t think I would be able to finish high school. Thankfully, the online classroom set me up for success. I enrolled in online […]

ALVA family shares how daughter escaped school bullies

Originally aired on ABC Jefferson County – October 21, 2020 During this National Bullying Prevention Month, one Vestavia family tells us what worked for them and an expert shares what may work for you. “She’d come home crying a lot of days from it. We had tried to work with the school some and it […]

This Virginia teen creates stop motion films to combat bullying

Originally aired by CBS Washington, DC – October 19, 2020 October has been deemed National Bullying Prevention Month. Every day young people face the challenges of dealing with bullies. One Virginia student is using video making to overcome after she said she was bullied for years while attending brick and mortar schools. It’s through the […]

Hoosier Academies student tells her story of overcoming bullying

Originally aired on ABC Indianapolis – October 21, 2020 October is Bullying Prevention Month, and a young girl is telling her story in hopes it doesn’t happen to others. Bullying can come in many forms — physical, name-calling, being threatened — and for Bella Lazarides, bullying came in the form of exclusion. “It’s not normal […]