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OHVA alum, and now teacher explains why school choice works

Originally published by Toledo Blade – October 30, 2020 Everyone deserves the ability to choose a better life for themselves. I believe this starts with education. When we’re young, we don’t realize which decisions will impact the rest of our lives. For me, it was choosing to leave a school where I was bullied and […]

Teaching Online Puts My Students — and My Health — First

Originally published to Medium – September 23, 2020 By: Verna Richard For twelve years, I taught chemistry and physics in a brick-and-mortar public high school. Then, after more than a decade of teaching in a traditional setting, my health took a downturn. This forced me to consider two options: I could find a different career, […]

Teach From Home on a Budget

Originally published by Staples Worklife – August 31, 2020 In a perfect world, the transition to remote teaching would also mean new equipment for educators — multiple monitors for easier computer use, a standing desk for better ergonomics, a laptop stand for optimal camera position to lead virtual classes. But with razor-thin budgets and financial […]

3 ways to build online class culture

Originally published by Education Dive – August 19, 2020 Andrea Teske teaches English and creative writing at Insight School of Washington. In 2015, she was selected Teacher of the Year at her school by the administration, staff and students. Even if school moves online in the fall, teachers and students don’t have to lose their connections […]

Give kids skills employers want, starting early

Originally published in The Press Times – July 31, 2020 With much of the focus turning to how to safely reopen the economy and getting people back to work, there is still uncertainty about what the economy will look like after the pandemic. In many industries it’s likely jobs that were once in abundance will […]

Online a solid option for Sequim students

Originally published by Sequim Gazette – July 29, 2020 This has been a difficult year for education. Many students, parents, and teachers, will let you know that the transition to online school during the pandemic wasn’t easy. As the fall quickly approaches, some are wondering if education will ever be the same again. I want […]

Leter: Consider online learning

Originally published by the Antelope Valley Press – June 27, 2020 One question I’m hearing as brick-and-mortar schools consider whether to open their doors this fall is, “how will students develop important beginning of the school year relationships if online learning continues?” While you may not think of socialization when you hear the words “virtual […]