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We need to spread the word about tech education opportunity in Ohio

Originally published by Crain’s Cleveland – May 3, 2021 For those 1.7 million Ohioans that have been receiving unemployment since the pandemic began, tech presents a massive opportunity. In fact, the state had 166,702 open tech jobs in 2019 — and that was before the pandemic turned households into business headquarters. There’s just one problem: As distributed as tech […]

What the Future of Learning Should Look Like

Originally published in Newsweek – April, 23, 2021 According to a recent survey conducted by my company, nearly 40% of parents in the U.S. say their local public school system is ill equipped to provide children with a high-quality online education. At the same time, about 50% of parents want their children to have a […]

Welch: More Students Looking to Save

Originally aired on WHNS-TV – April 2, 2021 Clemson University students are calling on the school’s Board of Trustees to freeze tuition. A series of protests began after the Board’s decision to raise tuition, which many students cannot afford due to the pandemic. Students feel a major disconnect between them and the Board. Tallo CEO […]

New Podcast Explores The Intersection of Education and Equity

Originally aired on CBS Washington – April 9, 2021 As the COVID-19 pandemic changes our education system, how can we ensure equity for all learners in the classroom of tomorrow? Kevin P. Chavous, Stride’s President of Academic Policy and External Affairs, seeks answers to this question and more as the host of the new podcast […]

Colorado education programs retrain adults in the tech field

Originally published by NBC Colorado Springs – March 16, 2021 New data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is showing just how the devastating impact the pandemic has had on hospitality and retail jobs, but it also shows the increased demand for tech jobs. the problem is, there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill […]

Manufacturers Must Go Digital to Attract New Talent

Originally published Industry Today – March 10, 2021 Written by Tallo CEO & co-founder Casey Welch In the past, the pathways for manufacturers to recruit their workforce were fairly straightforward: either through connections with high school vocational programs or, as is the case with companies like Boeing, by sending employees into classrooms to discuss potential career paths. […]

Online education went mainstream in 2020, Stride wants to make it stick

Originally published by Protocol – March 17, 2021 “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk.” In 2020, a teacher may have read those opening lines to a group of students virtually gathered in an online classroom, asking them to think about what they would do if […]

Improving Education Can Piece America Back Together

Originally published by Morning Consult – March 17, 2021 After a year of uncertainty — especially for our nation’s schools — and another acrimonious election, the White House and Congress have an arduous path ahead. Fortunately, the desire for every student to receive a high-quality education in America is universal. And there is precedent for […]

Why we must invest in new, innovative workforce training to fill a skills gap

Originally published by The Hechinger Report – March 12, 2021 Increasingly severe weather across the country highlights the vulnerabilities at the center of our national infrastructure. In Texas — where the energy system failed those who depend on it — and elsewhere, our infrastructure is only as good as the technology that supports it. Recent […]