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School choice is more important than ever

Originally published in the Washington Examiner – February 13, 2020 The United States recently recognized National School Choice Week. Typically, tens of thousands of schools and organizations host events nationwide to celebrate the school choice movement. But with a government in transition, COVID-19 still reaching new highs in many states, and many schools still operating virtually, the […]

Stride CEO on the future of virtual learning

Originally published by Yahoo! Finance – February 10, 2021 James Rhyu, CEO of Stride, joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss COVID-19’s impact on virtual learning and the company’s latest earnings report. Video Transcript ADAM SHAPIRO: We could all learn a thing or two from the businesses and the people who are making a profit with […]

Harsh Patel: 5 Things You Need To Know To Be A Highly Effective Educator or Teacher

Originally published in Authority Magazine – January 28, 2020 Understand that students with diverse backgrounds may need a different approach to succeed. As important as it is to develop a diverse talent pipeline in industries like tech, educators must understand that access to STEM education still leans in favor of higher income students. Even when […]

Is the spread of misinformation MLK’s dream?

Originally published by The Hill – January 18, 2021 In an article titled “The Purpose of Education,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., urged students to remember that “the function of education…is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.” Now more than ever, King’s words ring alarmingly true. The insurrectionist mob that descended on […]

The Next Stage in CTE’s Evolution

Originally published in Techniques Magazine – November/December 2020 Issue John Dewey was one of our country’s earliest supporters of career and technical education (CTE). Not to be confused with Melvil Dewey — the architect of the Dewey Decimal System — the Vermont-born John Dewey believed that the strength of our country ultimately depended on the […]

Corporate America is ready for a Biden presidency

Originally published by CNN Business – November 24, 2020 President Trump has yet to concede and many prominent Republicans in Washington aren’t publicly throwing in the towel either. But Corporate America is ready to move on and is preparing for a Joe Biden presidency. Executives from several publicly traded companies have acknowledged Biden’s victory and discussed what they expect to see […]

K12 Rebrands Itself as Stride Inc., and Announces Two Acquisitions

Originally published to EdWeek Market Brief – November 23, 2020 K12 Inc. — a huge, and often controversial provider of online education — has announced it is rebranding, at the same time it is making a pair of acquisitions that will expand its line of products and services. The company said its name change, to Stride, Inc., […]

Dispatches from the Front: EdTech Leaders Face COVID-19

Originally published to Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips – November 18, 2020 Nate Davis, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at K12 Inc., is a seasoned corporate transformational leader across industries with a record of improving operations, launching innovative new products, and building beneficial relationships with legislative and regulatory authorities. Mr. Davis previously served as CEO […]

What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taught Us About Inclusion and Opportunity

Originally published by RealClearEducation – October 8, 2020 She’s often referred to as a trailblazing pioneer and a “groundbreaking” leader. Some have called her “one of the most influential figures for constitutional change in American history.” There’s no question that the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg certainly earned and deserved these, and many other, notable […]