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Kevin Chavous on the Online School Year

Originally aired on The Black News Channel – October 2, 2020 Kevin P. Chavous, K12‘s President of Academics, Policy, and Schools, joined The Black News Channel to discuss online learning. In the interview, Chavous shared more about the state of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chavous also offered advice to parents transitioning into the […]

K12 President on Online Learning Challenges During the Pandemic

Originally aired on FOX Business – September 21, 2020 K12’s President James Ryhu sat down with Liz Claman of Fox Business to discuss the challenges online learning is overcoming in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about K12 Inc., visit www.k12.com

The Future of Education

Originally aired on Bloomberg News – September 14, 2020 Nate Davis, K12 CEO and Chairman of the Board, shares with Bloomberg News the challenges of getting school districts on an online platform with the limited time that many schools had. In any type of startup there will always be challenges, Nate shares. While discussing school […]

All The Wrong Reasons To Take A Gap Year In 2020—And How To Do It Right

Originally published in Forbes – September 10, 2020 In the wake of COVID-19 and the sweeping changes it has brought to postsecondary education, more people than ever are thinking about a gap year—and they’re not just freshly graduated high school seniors. College students at all levels are looking at their education with a fresh eye, […]

K12 president on the shift to online learning

Originally aired on CNBC – September 10, 2020 CNBC’s Kelly Evans discusses virtual learning and schools with K12 President Shaun McAlmont. To learn more about K12 Inc., visit k12.com

Tips for How to Search For a Job During a Pandemic

Originally published on Real Clear Markets – September 7, 2020 Everyone has experienced the pressure and frustration of the job search process at one point or another, but looking for work amidst the chaos of COVID-19 adds an extra layer of difficulty. Between the sudden hiring freezes, unexpected layoffs and a stalled economic recovery, it’s understandable […]

How to land a 6-figure coding job at a tech company without a college degree

Originally published in Business Insider – September 1, 2020 Jobs in tech is still booming – and you can land many without a degree.In fact, recruiters in tech may disregard college credentials when looking to hire new talent. When Jay Wengrow, web developer and founder of coding bootcamp Actualize​, was involved in hiring at previous […]

K12: On the Brink of the 2020-21 School Year

Originally published in EdTech Digest – August 18, 2020 Kevin P. Chavous, President of Academics, Policy, and Schools, joined K12 in November 2017. He is a noted education reform leader and innovator with a well-chronicled track record of empowering families with education choice and driving change and opportunity for children of all backgrounds and circumstances. Chavous […]

Higher education is broken, let’s use the pandemic to fix it

Originally published to in Crain’s New York Business – August 11, 2020 With so many recent grads jobless, and carrying crippling debt, it’s clear that the old model of higher education no longer makes sense. In the U.S. “degree inflation” means most jobs require a college degree, even if the skills required to do those jobs can be […]