CPA Parent: Protect school choice

Originally published by The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel – January 5, 2021

Students should always feel heard and valued by their school. That’s why families must have the option to choose a school that meets their child’s needs.

My son Xavier was bullied by his peers and overlooked by adults at our local brick-and-mortar school. Xavier has the biggest heart, but he is often misunderstood due to his disabilities. As a parent, it broke my heart seeing him upset that he didn’t understand why he was being treated this way. My concerns to the school went unheard, and I felt powerless to help.

Thankfully, I still had the power to choose. That’s why I took action and enrolled him in online school at Colorado Preparatory Academy.

He’s been in online school for two years now and with the support the school provides he’s become less upset, less anxious and was even able to overcome his struggle of learning to read.

One of his teacher’s, Ms. Baker, truly took the time to understand his special needs and personality. With Xavier in school at home, I see his interactions with teachers and students, which helped restore my trust in his education.

With National School Choice Week beginning Jan. 24, we can all do our part to continue to protect school choice. Our state deserves an education system that serves everyone. The future of our children’s happiness and health depend on it.

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