Destinations Career Confidence Index

What Parents and Students Think About Life After School

Released September 19, 2019.

The voices of the adults and youth most affected by the structure of public education and related policies are often overlooked in many conversations about workforce development and education reform. The Destinations Career Confidence Index seeks to rectify that shortcoming.

Starting in 2019, K12 Inc. is running side-by-side surveys of parents and students to measure the perceived strength of the young adult job market, based on their answers to three key questions.

These questions are a subset of broader surveys conducted among U.S parents of school-aged children (by Morning Consult) and high school and college students (by Tallo). They seek to capture parents’ and students’ thoughts on both the current and future strength of the job market for young adults, as well as the likelihood of students finding a lifestyle-supporting job upon high school graduation.

The answers to these questions were combined into a single index score, providing a holistic measure of career confidence among these groups.

This white paper provides more information on the above-mentioned surveys, describes the methodology of both the surveys and the index creation, and locates those findings within the broader economic context.

Download the full report here.

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