Father of virtual learner gives parents tips to motivate kids

Originally aired by WBRC – August 19, 2020

Dorthy Brooks is a 6th grade student at Alabama Virtual Academy, which is a fully-online public school.

If she’s ever lacking motivation, Dorthy said she takes a quick brain-break by either walking her dog or practicing dance.

Dorthy’s dad Conway said it’s important for parents to know what their child’s favorite subject is, and to focus on that if they’re child needs a mood boost.

“If they really enjoy literature, have some books on a shelf above wherever they’re studying that they can go to and crack open,” said Conway. “Same with science.  We’ve got all kinds of stuff on this desk that she’ll take outside and work on projects outside. Having it there will make them feel more comfortable. And I’ve found, with her at least, it allows her to focus more.”

He urges parents not to be too hard on themselves if the transition to virtual is difficult at first.

Conway said parents are not the teachers, but are rather coaches to motivate your kids along the way.

To learn more about Alabama Virtual Academy, visit https://alva.k12.com/.

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