Frey: School choice is more important than ever

Originally published by Manistee News Advocate – March 24, 2021

Education isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why school choice is so important.

Students have many needs to be met in the classroom ranging from social-emotional to educational. School choice allows families to find schools that fit their students, rather than forcing students to fit a particular school.

As an educator at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, I can help students tailor their learning style to their specific needs. Online learning — and teaching — isn’t for everyone. But when it’s the right fit the growth is nothing short of inspirational.

COVID-19 is highlighting the importance of school choice. Some students are flourishing in a virtual environment and others are realizing that face-to-face learning works best. No matter their ideal environment, giving the choice to choose your school is key.

Let’s be sure to protect the option for families to choose the right school for them. Everyone deserves a school that helps them reach their full potential. That option, no matter what it is, should be available for all.

-Erin Frey

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