Infographic: The Skills Gap is Slashing American Businesses’ Bottom Lines

February 4, 2020

K12 Inc.’s Destinations Career Academy has released a new survey of HR decision-makers revealing that the skills gap is causing American businesses to hemorrhage money in pursuit of the right talent – and that it will continue to impact their bottom lines.

The new survey highlights what skills hiring managers and recruiters are looking for – and having trouble finding – including IT skills and professional skills like communication, teamwork and work ethic. A lack of each has the potential to impact a company’s bottom line and its future growth.

But more than just wishing for talent that isn’t there today, companies appear willing to invest in making sure tomorrow’s candidates get the right skills: 96% report that companies should be offering more apprenticeships and internships to prepare high school students for careers.

Check out more of the survey results here, and in the infographic below!

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