K12 Inc. is Part of the Evolving Role of Education


March 17, 2014 12:00 am | TheDailyTimes.com  —

Education in the United States is in a state of flux. Advances in technology. Explosive growth in access to information. Instant and broad-based communications available almost anytime, anyplace. Increasing international cooperation and competition. Concern about the academic achievement of U.S. students compared to their peers overseas.

There are major efforts to upgrade public schools, create charter schools, issue vouchers and start new private schools, both religious and secular. Homeschooling is spreading throughout the nation.

Educators are challenged to ensure that students are given the opportunity to reach their potential, whether they have special needs or special gifts. STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is hot across the spectrum of education.

It is no surprise for all the reasons above in this computer-driven age that virtual online education is quickly evolving.

K12 Inc. is part of that evolution. The education technology company has more than 6,000 teachers working in 30 states. On Thursday the company announced it is expanding its capabilities and consolidating its operations by locating its Family Support Campus in the Tyson Centre Building in the West Aviation Area in Alcoa next to McGhee Tyson Airport.

Within five years, the company plans to make a capital investment of $2.4 million. The company expects to hire 300 employees over the next two years to staff the campus that will be the interface between K12’s teachers and school leaders and the families whose children are served by this virtual online educator. The company contracts with individuals as well as school districts. Its reach is worldwide.

The need is there. The opportunity is there. K12 and Blount County, with mutual interests in advancing education, are a good fit.

We offer congratulations to the economic recruiters who made it possible for K12 to select Alcoa for the company’s largest investment in its 14-year history.

We offer a heartfelt welcome to the company and to the new employees who will staff the K12 Family Support Campus.


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