Kids can thrive in online school

Originally published in South Florida Sun-Sentinel – August 15, 2020

When the pandemic closed schools, millions of parents suddenly found themselves as substitute teachers. But for younger kids, virtual class only works if there’s a lot of structure and plenty of time for kids to get up and move around. Still, with the right program, students can thrive. Take it from a parent of a 7-year-old: find a solution that works for your whole family.

My son, Josiah, is beginning his fourth year at Florida Cyber Charter Academy (FLCCA). The pandemic is minimally disruptive for him, because he’s used to going to school 100% online. He’s been able to develop his passions like playing piano and drawing because of the flexibility and one-on-one instruction FLCCA provides. His school not only offers a great curriculum, but also introduces free activities that are good for his future. Stressed parents should consider online academies. Your kids will thrive, and you’ll catch a break!

Cynthia Schubert

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