“Kind is the New Cool” | Waco boy makes t-shirts to fight against bullying

Originally published by Kcent-TV – March 12, 2021

All of the proceeds from the t-Shirt sales will go to the Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Society.

After he was constantly bullied at school, a boy from Waco decided to take the high road and make “Kind is the New Cool” t-shirts to show his bullies kindness. At just seven years old, Robin Land came up with the idea when he was a student in Whitney.

“It made me feel sad because the person was judging me and how I look,” Robin said.

His father Jeremy Land sadi the bully claimed Robin was feminine so that is why he made fun of him. Instead of physically fighting back, Robin had a more mature reaction.

“He said no he didn’t want to hurt him,” Jeremy said. “He thought the kid just didn’t know there were other options, so he wanted to make a t-shirt so that he would know kindness is a better option.”

All of the proceeds from Land’s T-Shirt sales will go to the Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Society. Last year, Robin raised $140 for the zoo. He hopes to raise over $200 this year.

“It makes me feel happy because I’m helping animals be safe,” Robin said.

Due to the bullying, Land is now attending Lone Star Online Academy, an online public school where he is thriving.

“It is a great school,” Robin said. “And no matter what you look like you can fit in easily.”

This makes his dad one proud papa.

“He is a better person than I am. And I am proud of that. He gets that from his mother,” Jeremy said.

If you would like to purchase a “Kind is the New Cool” T-shirt, click here.

To learn more about Lone Star Online Academy visit, https://lsoa.k12.com/

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