Learning Outside the Classroom

Originally aired on KADN-TV – August 6, 2019

Kids get their education in the classroom. But what happens when the classroom itself is a distraction?

“There was always kids cutting up behind me, and I would always tell them, “Hey, can you please be quiet? I’m trying to pay attention to the teacher,’” Benjamin Vaussine says.

Lafayette, except he has Asperger’s and ADHD. Which means things like fire drills and announcements can easily pull his focus away and his grades down.

“I believe it was probably November of last year we decided we wanted to pull him out of regular school and do something different because we wanted something that would fit him better,” Ben’s mom, Mandy Vaussine, says.

That’s when they heard about Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy.
“I thought maybe one day we might go to that school, and I thought it would never happen, but here I am in an online school,” Ben says.

“These teachers are live on video, and Benjamin has access to a chatbox. He has access to a microphone and headphones; he can talk to his teachers live,” Mandy adds.

The academy creates lesson plans for each and every student.
“Because we have that flexibility because we’re not in a classroom all day managing students, managing just the sheer mass of bodies, we’re able to just teach and provide for kids individualized support as they need support,” LAVCA data manager Mindi Petitfils says. “The curriculum is amazing.”

“It’s not home-schooling, it’s schooling at home,” Mandy says. “When we got our report card for the end of the year, I was pleasantly surprised. He ended the year with A’s and B’s.”

“We both watched a movie to celebrate because we love movies, and we also love Netflix,” Ben says. “That’s the favorite part of my life. We have Netflix.”

The program isn’t for all students. But for the Vaussine family, it’s a sense of relief.

“It feels amazing,” Mandy says. “I know I made the right decision because I have seen him put in the hard work. I have seen him do what I know he’s capable of doing. I have seen him succeed in 5th grade now, and I know this is going to be a good fit for a long time to come.”

You can learn more about LAVCA at lavca.k12.com

To learn more about Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy, visit lavca.k12.com

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