Let’s support each other in new school environment

Originally published in the Arizona Capitol Times – September 29, 2020

Parents are facing difficulties as their students transition to online school.

Having two students of my own, I know it can be stressful and overwhelming at first. But I want to reassure you that it gets better.

When I decided to enroll my children in online school at Arizona Virtual Academy and Insight School of Arizona, they were two years behind.

I remember being overwhelmed and frustrated, wondering how my children were ever going to catch up. My son is autistic, so when we first started, I was unsure how this environment would impact his ability to concentrate and learn.

What I discovered was that the curriculum is for various learners and the teachers bring it to life.

I was very surprised by how much the teachers cared about my kids’ education and never gave up on them.

The support they gave not only benefited my kids but me as their learning coach and parent. My son graduated on time, and my daughter graduated a year early. Both of their accomplishments, we owe to the attention they received from their teachers.

Online school is an adjustment. Let’s support one another as families adjust to this environment for the first time.

Janeen Belden

To learn more about Arizona Virtual Academy, visit azva.k12.com

To learn more about Insight School of Arizona, visit az.insightschools.net

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