Letter: Children need choices in school to find what works with them

Originally published in the Arizona Daily Star – July 22, 2020

Online school took my son to heights I never could’ve imagined. Not only did it allow him to learn at his own pace and graduate from high school at 16-years-old, it provided him with an introduction to his love of STEM. That’s why I believe that every student must have the option to attend a school that meets their needs.

My son started kindergarten at our local brick-and-mortar school in Arizona but was not challenged. We started him at the online Arizona Virtual Academy after that year. By attending school from home he could move through the lessons at his own pace while still having online teachers to rely on.

I don’t believe my son would be where he is today if he had remained in brick-and-mortal schools. That’s why we must protect school choice, so that all students can go to a school that works for them.

Roxanna Green

To learn more about Arizona Virtual Academy, visit https://azva.k12.com/

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