SCVCS parent in support of school choice

Originally published by The Spartanburg Herald-Journal – October 16, 2020

From the outside, it’s difficult to understand the opportunity online school provides. I know because I was once in those same shoes. Now that I’ve seen the change it can make, I know this is an option that works. And we must work together to protect school choice so that all families can choose an academic option that works for them.

I enrolled my son, Harry, in South Carolina Virtual Charter School after I realized his time wasn’t being well spent. Distractions from other students in his brick-and-mortar classroom affected his ability to learn. That’s no longer a concern with an online learning environment.

Harry is now attending live classes during the day and has the chance to review class recordings for extra help. Having notes, videos, and other aids are a great benefit for him as a visual learner. With a school schedule that fits his needs, Harry has been able to thrive in school and sports.

Online learning was the right decision for our family. And it can be for many others. That’s why I believe it’s important to protect school choice. It shouldn’t be a political issue – it’s about making sure our children have a school that meets their needs. Whether that is online or in-person, we need to let parents decide what is best for their family.

– Pam De Grood, Mount Pleasant

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