Letter: Look for school options that work for you

Originally published by The Roanoke Times – December 1, 2020

Being a high schooler in 2020 is tough. This summer, after my public school announced it would transition to remote learning, I dreaded going back to class. Once fall began, so did the issues with the online system. I was struggling to stay engaged, didn’t like the learning format and didn’t feel supported by my teachers. I’m in 10th grade, and as I start to plan for the future, I know I can’t afford to let my grades slip.

My family and I knew we had to act fast. My sister had transferred to Virginia Virtual Academy, and was doing well academically and mentally throughout the pandemic. She and I have similar learning styles, so I decided to make the switch and try VAVA out for myself. It’s been great so far, and I’m thankful to have the school structure in place, especially as the case numbers get bad again. I feel safe, healthy and am learning to thrive in online learning. If you’re having trouble with school throughout a global pandemic, don’t be afraid to look for options that work for you — especially as the next semester approaches.

Logan Lewis, Martinsville

To learn more about Virginia Virtual Academy Visit, https://vava.k12.com/

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