Letter: Non-traditional school

Originally published in The Sonoran News – August 6, 2019

When you have a non-verbal child, the thought of putting him in school is terrifying. Hundreds of questions run through your mind: What if he needs help in the bathroom? What if he’s bullied? How will he stand up for himself? This was my reality when I searched for an academic option for my son, James to start school. Fortunately, I found iCademy—an online school that supports his unique learning needs.

The decision to enroll James in a non-traditional school environment is one of the best I’ve ever made. From day one, the teachers have been nothing but supportive of my son. They encourage him to learn and grow. It’s also amazing to watch James step out of his comfort zone with his classes and with others as well. He’s even learning Spanish and is excited to show off everything he’s learning.

I’m so grateful that I had the chance to find the best learning option for the most important person in my life. None of this would’ve been possible without school choice. That’s why I urge Arizona to protect school choice, so that every parent can choose the path that works best for their children.

Mimi Byrd

To learn more about K12 International Academy, visit https://www.icademy.com/

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