Letter: Online school for my climber

LTE feature photo

Originally published in The Arizona Daily Star – December 5, 2018

We enrolled our daughter Tesla at George Washington University Online High School this year to allow her more academic freedom alongside the rigorous curriculum she needed. Tesla typically works about three years ahead of her peers and GWUOHS meets her individual needs to stay challenged.

Tesla attends school around her rock climbing passion, instead of the inverse. She’s been climbing since she was 8 years old and entered her first national competition at age 9. Every climb is mental game, a problem to solve, and Tesla’s addicted. She coaches beginners twice a week, climbs every day, and even posts weekly “how-to-climb” videos to her YouTube channel, TeslAscender.

There’s all sorts of reasons to make a different school choice beyond brick-and-mortar schools and I want everyone to know their options. We need to protect school choice for every family and every student.

Margaret Mitchell


To learn more about George Washington University Online High School, visit https://www.gwuohs.com/

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