Letter: Online school helps special needs daughter

Originally published in the Newark Advocate – August 23, 2019

Our daughter Elizabeth has Down Syndrome. When it comes to her future, we want nothing more than to see her be the most productive person she can be. That requires a solid education. Frankly we didn’t want her to get lost in a traditional structure that wasn’t conducive to her learning style. But with online school, our worries have disappeared. Elizabeth can now work at her own pace and is working to reach her full potential.  

The support network of teachers at Ohio Virtual Academy have aided Elizabeth in her development. I’d like to thank Mrs. Elizabeth Adair and Mrs. Amy Hille, who were both Intervention Specialists for Elizabeth. Through their advice and guidance, I was able to grow as a learning coach, and help teach Elizabeth in a way that was compatible with her learning style. I’ll never forget the time Mrs. Adair recognized characteristics of dyslexia in Elizabeth. She invested her own time and money to look for resources to help my daughter learn with dyslexia.  

Thankfully, our society is becoming more inclusive of people with special needs, and Elizabeth is thriving. We couldn’t have unlocked this without the help from educators, like Mrs. Adair and Mrs. Hille.

To learn more about Ohio Virtual Academy, visit https://ohva.k12.com/

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