Letter: Online school success

Originally published in Anchorage Daily News – October 23, 2020

Many people go through personal situations that affect their ability to focus in school. During my junior year, I got pregnant and didn’t think I would be able to finish high school. Thankfully, the online classroom set me up for success.

I enrolled in online school at South Carolina Virtual Charter School a few months before my baby was born, and the structure of the school was perfect for my situation. The school helped me a get a computer so I could take my classes from home and were very accommodating. The class lessons were recorded, so I could go back and watch them at another time if I had a doctor’s appointment or had to take care of my baby.

Thanks to online school, I graduated from high school while tackling the other obstacles in my life. That’s why online school is a nice solution. Whether it’s for your health, or any other reason, it brings learning to your doorstep, and you still have access to teachers for support. For parents looking for alternatives, I urge you to consider online school.

Lucero Garcia, Anchorage

To Learn more about South Carolina Virtual Charter School visit, https://scvcs.k12.com/

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