Letter: Options to being bullied

Originally published in the Monterey Herald – October 20, 2021

Bullying should have no place in schools, but far too often we see it taking a front-row seat in our classrooms.

I remember being bullied in my local school, and my parents started noticing the impacts it was having on me. My parents discovered California Virtual Academies and after talking with other parents who had tried the school, they decided to enroll me.

Online learning was exactly what I needed. I could work at my own pace and I knew my teachers were there to support and cheer me on. I discovered a love for learning that has continued with me to this day.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and I want to encourage students that you don’t have to learn in an environment where you are afraid. You can choose a school option that works best for you.

Jason Cline

To learn more about California Virtual Academies, visit cava.k12.com

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