Letter: Protect school choice

Originally published in The Idaho Press Tribune – January 12, 2020

Not everyone fits in the same academic box. As a teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how every student has unique needs. Fortunately, families in Idaho can choose from traditional and online academic options that aren’t one size fits all.

For six years, I’ve been an English teacher at Idaho Technical Career Academy, an online public school. In this role, I’ve seen how impactful an education with the right fit can be. For my students in the virtual classroom, this means they’re able to get personalized support that meets their individual needs.

I firmly believe that the more school choices we have, the better we can meet the needs of all students. We are now living in an online, technology-immersed world. It’s time that our schools match this changing pace and provide students with the tools they need to grow. Thankfully, the online classroom is very adaptive and provides students with a supportive space.

January 26th is National School Choice Week. I urge Idaho’s lawmakers to protect school choice so that all families can choose the best learning environment. Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar school or the online classroom, it’s time to give students what they need.

Rozanne Clark, Nampa

To learn more about Idaho Technical Career Academy, visit https://itca.k12.com/

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