Letter: Public online school a welcome alternative

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Originally published in The Lancaster News – July 10, 2019

My grandsons Clayland and Brayden were always high-achievers in school. Unfortunately, the distractions of a brick-and-mortar classroom became too much, and they couldn’t focus. Their teachers were great, but they struggled to balance lessons and class discipline. The boys begged me to be homeschooled. Since I don’t have a teaching background, I was hesitant to agree. Thankfully, we’ve found the perfect solution with online public school.

Since joining South Carolina Virtual Charter School, my boys are focused and working harder than I ever imagined. They’re attending school from home but still have teachers who deliver their lessons. Their success is owed, in part, to the help they get from their teachers. For example, Clayland’s teacher Mrs. Bousman is always encouraging her students to do their best. She also uses games to ask questions based on their lessons. Playing these games helps the kids remember the material and do well on tests.

I’ve also been happily surprised with the opportunities the boys have to make connections with their classmates. They regularly attend field trips where they can meet their teachers and peers face-to-face. This has included bowling and skating trips where they can unwind and connect with their friends.

The growth I’ve seen in the boys since they joined online school has been phenomenal. They’ve kept their high grades and now learn in a classroom with fewer distractions. They’re also continuing to develop meaningful relationships with their teachers and peers. I’m glad that this option was available for them.

Pat Robinson


To learn more about South Carolina Virtual Charter School, visit https://scvcs.k12.com/

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