Letter to editor: Not your average student

Originally published by Times-News – July 23, 2020

I’m not your average student.

At the age of 4 I was already reading and doing basic algebra at age 5. My parents wanted me to get a quality education where I could learn at my own pace. That’s why they decided on Idaho Virtual Academy.

Online school provided me the freedom to learn and skills to excel. In middle school I joined a competitive robotics team and I was a huge part of my teams’ fundraising. Since I could visit businesses during the day while most students were tied to a physical school building, our team was able to compete and experience things many students couldn’t.

Now as a student at Boise State University, I’ve realized how responsibility, determination, and time management helped me transition to college. I’m studying Computer Science with an emphasis on Cyber Security and as a scholarship recipient from the Department of Defense, I’m interning at Hanscom Air Force Base during the summer. When I graduate, I’ll be employed by Hanscom AFB.

Online school provided me with many unique opportunities and a quality education. If you’re not the average student, I encourage you to explore online school and find a solution that works for you.

Samantha Fullmer


To learn more about Idaho Virtual Academy visit https://idva.k12.com/

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