Letter to the Editor: Some kids need a little extra help

Originally published in the Valley Roadrunner.

Some kids just need a little extra help to show you that they can academically thrive. This was the case for my son, Owen. He struggled in a brick-and-mortar school environment, and his grades and increasing anxiety reflected that. 

For me, it was vital to find an alternative learning option where he could get the attention he deserves. Thankfully, Owen’s now getting the necessary encouragement thanks to his new school and his teacher, Mrs. Trom. 

Mrs. Trom is the perfect fit for Owen. She’s encouraging, helpful, and truly cares about his success at California Virtual Academy. She has shown faith in both Owen and in me as a parent. If Owen is confused about a certain topic from class, she is the first to offer a helping hand. The teachers at his virtual academy have supported Owen so he can reach his full potential. 

Owen now has the confidence to tackle all of his academic challenges. This was the alternative learning option that my son needed.


To learn more about California Virtual Academy visit, https://cava.k12.com/.

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