Letter to the Editor: Support virtual schools

Originally published in The Clermont Sun – August 9, 2019

Hearing the teacher, or even your classmates, is something most people take for granted. For those who are hard-of-hearing, this simple act can be difficult to deal with, especially in your every-day ‘noisy’ brick-and-mortar classroom.

My 15-year-old daughter Mykenzie started online school in the 4th grade after missing class due to her doctor appointments. Even though she had all A’s, her teachers wanted to hold her back.

Since joining Ohio Virtual Academy, she has the ability to work and study without suffering the consequences of “missing school.” 

She developed a passion for all thing’s science – especially space, and marine biology. Because of this switch, she became more confident in herself. 

I’m happy with her school work but another reason I love OHVA is because of the friends Mykenzie has made. During a back-to-school picnic with other online students, she made some of her best friends ever.

They are understanding and patient with her; something she never had before.

I encourage all Ohio families to support schools like OHVA for the unique students that need them.

Mychel Pfeiffer

To learn more about Ohio Virtual Academy, visit https://ohva.k12.com/ .

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