Letter to the Editor: We need to protect school choice

Originally published in The Portland Press Herald – November 29, 2020

We don’t choose where we’re born, and in most cases, we don’t choose where we grow up. For so many, these factors determine where we go to school and how we learn. This has a big impact on our futures.

With all of that being said, that isn’t always true. We don’t have to be confined to one path when there is so much room to change the trajectory of our futures. The best possible means to make this change a reality is school choice.

I started out in a brick-and-mortar school system because that’s what I was assigned to. But it simply wasn’t working for me, as I found myself detached from the repetitive nature of the whole routine. Luckily, I found an option that completely changed the way I felt about learning: online school with Maine Virtual Academy.

Having control over my learning path provided me with balance in my life, as I was able to keep part-time jobs while excelling in my classes. I’m grateful for my ability to choose online school and can say with confidence that it’s positively impacted my career path, as I now look to complete my education at Northeastern University.

We need to protect school choice. Not everybody can conform to their first option and it can’t be the only one. Don’t let students be restricted by their ZIP code. Let’s unlock everyone’s potential to learn.

Emily Dupler

To learn more about Maine Virtual Academy, visit meva.k12.com

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