Letter: Utah Virtual Academy

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Originally published in The Deseret News – May 24, 2019

The overcrowded brick-and-mortar environment was so stressful for our daughter that we enrolled her in Utah Virtual Academy three years ago to help ease her anxiety and depression. She is thriving at UTVA and receiving a quality education. She keeps her loving therapy dog, a bichon half-terrier named Sam, by her side while attending class and doing schoolwork.

Our daughter is excelling in virtual school. She was recently selected as Student of the Month and met with UTVA staff at a celebration dinner. She has also been networking with administrators, which is helping her further entrepreneurial efforts. She launched her business this year (including a blog), partnered with Instagram advertisers, and works as an actor/model. Leveraging her time with UTVA has made it all possible.

The most meaningful work our daughter does is helping Kauri Sue Hamilton and Bear-O Care with the severely disabled deaf and blind community. She’s been volunteering since she was 10 years old. As families around the country are celebrating their teachers, we didn’t want UTVA left out. Thank you, UTVA — we’re glad to be a part of this public-school-at-home community.

Ruth Braga

West Jordan


To learn more about Utah Virtual Academy, visit https://utva.k12.com/

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