Local nurse trains high school students to help solve nurse shortage in public schools

Originally aired by WACH FOX – August 7, 2020

One woman in the Midlands is working to help solve the shortage of nurses in public schools across South Carolina.

Katrina Haynes has been working as a registered nurse for 33 years and wants to continue inspiring her students and future caregivers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some students that have graduated who are working in healthcare right now, and I’ve talked to them and it is so hard for them,” said Haynes.

Haynes has been teaching at the Cyber Academy of South Carolina for the last nine years, advising and encouraging high school students in the Health Sciences Career Training Program.

“At least my students from high school are going in with open eyes, knowing that it’s tough, but also with the love and the passion to take care of patients knowing that they don’t always get paid what they really deserve,” said Haynes.

The South Carolina Department of Education said there are about 120 public schools across the state without a full-time nurse on campus.

Haynes spent more than six years as a school nurse in Lexington County and told WACH FOX News that the shortage is concerning.

“It was really hard to know how many students were not getting the care that they needed, the assessment that they needed, the screenings that they needed because they didn’t have a full-time nurse,” said Haynes.

She hopes to inspire the next class of health care practitioners so they can help bridge that critical gap.

“Don’t give up when it looks really frustrating. You just need to keep pursuing passion for patients and for best practices,” said Haynes.

To learn more about Cyber Academy of South Carolina, visit https://casc.k12.com/

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