Local teenage silversmith overcomes bullying through online education, faith

Colton Boone_AZVA

Originally published in The Daily Miner –  March 17. 2019

Growing up can be tough, especially if some of those tough situations include being bullied at school for following a certain religion, the way you sound, dress and anything else people can find to pick at. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and for Colton Boone he found the light was silversmithing, devotion to his faith and changing schools.

Colton is a 14-year-old Kingmanite that in his spare time picks up the torch to create incredible things with silver. Recently, he made a ring out of silver with a bright colored piece of Kingman turquoise right in the middle.

He grew up in a famly that is involved with silversmithing and turquoise. His grandfather worked for years in the Duval Mine and gave Colton lots of Kingman turquoise.

“I was very close with my grandpa,” Colton said. “He was a mining engineering at Duval Mine for a long time, he was my rock.”

Colton had help making the ring from The GOLD doctor because it’s rare to find places that teach the process of silversmithing.

“I used a torch, soldered stuff together, it was really fun, and I was able to come out with that ring,” Colton said. “It was amazing.”

But when he’s not melting metal to create a piece of art, he practices his Pentecostal faith. Reese Boone, Colton’s mother, said practicing his religion has always been stable in his life.

“It’s always good to have something stable, so my faith has always been stable,” Colton said. “I’ve done it since I was little, and I’ll probably do it until I die.”

At his church, he sings in the worship band, he’s preached a few times and he helps in the children’s church. Music has always been important to Colton.

“To this day he sings, and we know he’s OK,” Reese said. “It’s annoying, but we know he’s in a good place.”

Growing up Colton would be picked on at school for his religious beliefs.

“I used to be called ‘Jesus freak’ and all the names in the book,” he said.

After a while he didn’t want to go to school anymore, so his mother decided to switch him to an online school, Arizona Virtual Academy.

“I love it there, and it’s changed who I am,” Colton said.

Colton isn’t missing any learning or social interaction opportunities while attending AZVA. He goes to the Arizona Virtual Academy Kingman Blended Learning center to socialize with other students, take physical education classes and tutoring services.

Colton and his mother would have to agree that this school has developed his maturity, and he is able to be more like himself. Before changing schools, he didn’t want to go to school.

“It was really depressing, the schools wouldn’t do anything, there was no light in the darkness,” Colton said. “Not even a little candle.”

Now that he’s switched over to AZVA, his teachers are more involved and make sure he’s doing more than alright, physically, academically, and mentally.

“They are really wonderful people I’ve been really lucky to have the teachers I have,” Colton said.

Colton said the school has really changed him. He can be his own person, speak for himself and have a voice.


To learn more about Arizona Virtual Academy, visit https://azva.k12.com/

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