LSOA Teacher Overcomes Disability to Teach

Originally aired on KOSA-TV – February 28, 2020

Lone Star Online Academy teacher Shylah Cutbirth has had to overcome a lot in order to fulfill her dreams of being a teacher.

Prior to teaching virtually at LSOA, Cutbirth had difficulties navigating the halls of the brick-and-mortar school she taught at because of her muscular dystrophy. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she saw an opportunity to get back into the classroom. But this time, it would be virtually with LSOA.

“[LSOA] has been the biggest blessing for me because it’s the perfect balance of being able to be with my kids, that I love, and being able to teach them,” Cutbirth said. “But also, I’m physically able to do everything that I need to do, at home.”

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