Mid-Michigan nurse helps with kids’ education

Originally published by NBC Lansing – December 17, 2020

Rachael Hanson is wearing a number of hats during the pandemic: nurse, foster mom, and all while helping with her kids’ education.

“I am working a full-time schedule Friday, Saturday, Sunday at the hospital, long hours and you know with the COVID-19 surging, they’re mandating us to work even more hours. So, sometimes I feel like I need a break but at the same time I feel like this is the best possible thing for my family,” she said.

Rachael Hanson is a frontline healthcare worker and a foster mom of two kids.

When schools shut their doors due to the pandemic, Hanson decided to move her kids to an already established virtual classroom so she could become their learning coach.

“I chose HVAM [High Point Virtual Academy of Michigan] because it was already established. It had been established many years and you know my kids I feel like being ahead of the game you know with — compared to a lot of kids in the area that is doing the virtual because ours didn’t have any complications,” she said.

Being in the hospitals and away from her children for extended hours, she says Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan was the best option for her family.

Now, she’s able to give her kids more time to learn and comprehend the new material–without falling behind.

“I am able to connect with them rather than have a bunch of people in one class I am able to really focus with them and get it hammered out,” she said.

Once the vaccine becomes available and things go back to normal, she says she will send her two children back to school. But for now, she will keep doing what she can.

Rachael Hanson hasn’t received the vaccine yet but will most likely get it before the end of the month.

To learn more about Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan visit, https://hvam.k12.com/

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