More families should consider online education

Originally published by The Everett Herald – November 1, 2020

Everyone should feel free to follow their passions. School should be something that enables you to do this rather than holding you back. When it starts to get in the way, change must happen. That’s why we need to give students the choice to attend a school that works for them.

I started figure skating at 3. As my passion grew stronger with age, my brick-and-mortar school schedule didn’t make the cut. I needed to find an option that would allow me to train without sacrificing my education.

That’s why I enrolled in online school. Washington Virtual Academy fit all the criteria that my family and I were looking for. With a variety of interesting and challenging classes, I stayed motivated, and could go at my own pace while balancing a demanding schedule.

By the time I was a sophomore I was a five-time national competitor traveling all around the country to compete. Two years later, I was training with the top Olympic coaches in the world.

Having the option to complete high school online allowed me to pursue my dreams without letting my education suffer. My school helped me grow as a person and gave me the tools I needed to succeed.

There is plenty of support for people who need more attention to thrive in school. You can always ask for their help, no matter what it is.

I recommend online school to people who are self-motivated or have sport commitments. It’s important that everyone has the ability to do what they love while receiving a quality education.

Caleb Niva


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