Leter: Consider online learning

Originally published by the Antelope Valley Press – June 27, 2020

One question I’m hearing as brick-and-mortar schools consider whether to open their doors this fall is, “how will students develop important beginning of the school year relationships if online learning continues?”

While you may not think of socialization when you hear the words “virtual school,” rest assured, online learners aren’t missing out. Here are three fun virtual ways for students to build relationships when school starts this fall.

1. California Virtual Academies (CAVA) hosts weekly lunch bunches for its families. Lunches might include pizza parties, game days, or even science labs. Lunches are now virtual, giving our students the chance to interact with teachers and classmates from across the state.

2. Fun Fridays are a great way for students to virtually hang out and get to know each other. Students can share in a safe, supervised setting, giving everyone a chance to shine.

3. At CAVA, my students have opportunities to attend so many outings I’m unable to list them all. For fall, we’re planning virtual trips where I hope to “go live” at the Joaquin River Delta and other local landmarks in California.

I encourage parents and my fellow teachers to get creative in their new online environment.

Sheri Schermerhorn

California Virtual Academies, 6th Grade Teacher

Simi Valley

To learn more about California Virtual Academies visit https://cava.k12.com/

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