Online schooling has its benefits

Originally published in Las Vegas Sun – July 19, 2020

I was bullied in middle school because of my weight. The bullying took its toll on me mentally. I felt pressure to fit in with the popular kids. This led me down a negative path, and in high school my parents decided to take me out of this environment.

That decision brought me to online school, which changed my life. At Nevada Virtual Academy, I could focus on school without dealing with bullies or drama. I learned important skills such as time management, staying focused and being organized. When I transitioned to college, I was prepared to navigate my online classes. With COVID-19 and my college classes moving online, there was no adjustment period because I was already used to this way of learning.

Now, I’m self-reliant for my learning with resources available to help me when I struggle. Online school taught me to be an independent thinker and more of a leader. By relying on myself for answers first, I have learned to express my ideas better and to not be afraid to voice them.

The focus of education should always be on serving the needs of students. Their health and safety should be of utmost importance. We must keep this in mind for the upcoming school year.

By Caleb Berry

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