CAVA Teacher: School Choice More Important Now Than Ever

Originally published by The San Francisco Chronicle – January 26, 2021

If education is choosing our path of knowledge, then every student should have the ability to choose where they want to learn.

As a teacher who has worked in a variety of school districts, and now online at California Virtual Academies, I’ve seen firsthand how important our educational environment is to students’ success.

School choice has lifelong effects. When students find a program that fits their needs, their confidence soars, and they face challenges with a better attitude.

As adults, we’re more productive and lead happier lives when we enjoy what we do. This is the same with our students. When they have a program that elevates their love for learning, they too become more productive and lead happier lives.

This year, COVID-19 has shown us the influence school choice has on thousands of families. Having options and innovations has been vital to navigating and adapting through the pandemic. 

With National School Choice Week having begun on Jan. 24, we need to make sure that our state protects a student’s right to choose a school that meets their unique learning needs no matter their location.

Sheri Schermerhorn, Oakley

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