Some students finding success with online education

Originally aired on WXOW-TV – December 8, 2020

Educators at the Minnesota Virtual Academy (MNVA) said before the pandemic, many parents came to the academy because they wanted alternative learning opportunities for their children.

The academy, based in Houston since 1999, is entirely online.

Assistant Principal Shelley Gates said the academy is a public K-12 school that extends beyond the traditional brick and mortar schools.

Gates said the academy is unique because many students can get distracted from bullying, peers, or other have barriers that can inhibit learning.

She said an online education can help remove those kinds of distractions.

“We have found that a lot of students have migrated to finding success in the online and virtual world,” Gates said. “When students eliminate outside distractions from their learning environment, they tend to thrive and do well and focus on their education rather than focus on some of those other things.”

The Minnesota Virtual Academy serves a little more than 2,800 students.

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