Tallo to give $10k scholarship to high school senior

Originally aired on WCIV-TV – March 19, 2021

It was 2013 when a new technology company kickstarted their business in Mount Pleasant.

Eight years later, Tallo has 1.3 million users from all 50 states and now they are ready to give ten thousand dollars to a high school student in need.

It may be one of the few companies that grew during the pandemic.

“We saw immense growth. We added 600 thousand new users last year in 2020. People coming on showcasing their works and wanting to be seen and be connected,” said Casey Welch.

Those connections took on a whole new look in 2020.

“One thing the pandemic has done actually opened their eyes to connect with students who aren’t in traditional schools where they recruit from, not in traditional areas. They are much more open to remote employees,” said Welch.

Casey Welch helped start Tallo, a technology platform helps guide both high school and college students.

“So often we think we know what we want to do. Sometimes it takes experience and awareness and that’s what we are finding. Our talent is being more open to opportunities that they never had a chance to take part in before,” said Welch.

Welch is well aware of the toll the pandemic took on high school students.

“For many students family financial situations have drastically changed, but their dreams for college haven’t,” said Welch.

That’s why Tallo is offering a $10,000 scholarship to one lucky high school senior whose family was hit hard by COVID.

“We continue to do more in guidance. How can we not just showcase and connect talent and students, but how do we guide them? How do we help them to understand there are opportunities, two year colleges, four year colleges and let them know they are not alone out there,” said Welch.

The deadline for applying for the scholarship is March 27th at 11:59 PM.

It’s as easy as going to the Tallo website, answer a few questions, share a video explaining how the pandemic impacted your family and how the scholarship can make your college dream a reality.

To learn more about Tallo, visit tallo.com

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