Tips for homebound students

Originally published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch – April 26, 2020

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

The school year certainly has taken a turn. Many students have left the walls of brick-and-mortar schools for something new and uncertain. My five years with online schooling at Virginia Virtual Academy have given me the tools to help others navigate this transition. Here’s my advice and encouragement for this confusing situation.

First, make sure that you’re managing your time wisely. Online classes give you the opportunity to have control over your schedule, but you must remember that, even though you’re at home, you’re still a student. Limit distractions by dedicating time and space to focus on classes and homework.

Communication is key in online schooling. Stay in contact with your teachers and make sure you’re aware of all assignments and due dates. If you’re used to reminders on a classroom board, write down important assignments where you’ll see and remember to check them off your list.

Most importantly, remember that even though you’re at home, your education still is a necessary and important part of your day. Put in the energy and commitment it deserves. It’s your education and finishing this school year strong will keep you on the right foot for the next school year.

Julia Larsen.


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